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Innovation is everything to us

On the way we started as Ortak Teknoloji in 2007, we were renewed as ITD Bilişim in 2021. 

Be Reachable

What makes us most important is that we are constantly available to our business partners.



Best for your business

Our company provides the best services to its customers so that they can develop their workplaces better. Thus, it is ensured that the earnings and efficiency of the workplaces and companies are increased. ITD Bilişim, which also provides services in Information Technologies systems installed in workplaces and companies, also provides maintenance and support services. All the support we provide is under warranty.


Our Competencies are Our Capabilities.

Our company has set out on its way, first of all, to provide customer satisfaction with certainty. Within this framework, 24/7 support is provided in all our services. Dear customers who want to contact us, they can direct any question to us by contacting us on the phone number 0212 982 7266.

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